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OfSTED March 2015 – Good teaching and attention to pupils’ personal skills, as well as their academic development, result in good behaviour and pupils’ eagerness to learn.

School Places Available

We have places in most of our school years. Please call for more information on 01865 248863


St Ebbe’s Church of England Aided Primary School

Our aim is:

  • To help children achieve their highest possible academic outcomes;
  • To help children develop empathy, respect and acceptance of different points of view.
  • To help children, as responsible citizens, develop an awareness of the notions of fairness, a sense of justice and their contribution to the wider world;
  • To encourage children to make, foster and keep relationships;
  • To encourage children to love others and show care and compassion;
  • To encourage children to think deeply, to understand their inner self and what it means to be human;
  • To help children become more than they thought they could be.

We offer strong leadership, outward looking teachers and excellent support staff within a stimulating, creative and nurturing environment.

We have high expectations of our children in their learning and behaviour, and want every child to fulfil their academic potential and become a well-rounded, secure and happy individual.

We work in partnership with families and other schools to provide the highest standard of education possible for our children.

St Ebbe’s is a Church of England School, originally founded by St Ebbe’s Church and also linked with St Matthew’s Church, the local Parish Church. As a Church School, values that reflect the school’s Christian foundation underpin the way we do things. We strongly believe our school is for everyone in the community. We aim to nurture the beliefs of children from all families, and also aim to engender mutual understanding and respect amongst all our children, whatever their beliefs.



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