At St Ebbe’s, we want all children to have an equal opportunity to flourish and succeed. One of the single biggest factors affecting this is children’s attendance rate.

Our principle aim will be to provide an engaging model of education and a culture where children feel a sense of belonging that them a rich and purposeful reason to attend school. Attendance, and therefore participation in learning, will always be a more attractive option than non-attendance, both for parents and for children.

We do not use rewards as an incentive to good attendance; we rely on the intrinsic motivation that children have to succeed and foster a culture at St. Ebbe’s which promotes this.

We are committed to working with children and parents to establish the underlying causes of non-attendance and to work together as a team to address them. 

Any children who have been absent will be warmly welcomed and every effort made to re-establish the connections important for learners to thrive.
We respectfully ask families to book breaks during the 13 weeks of school holiday available each year to ensure continuity of education and the greatest opportunity for children to thrive.

Term-time Absence

Absences during term-time will only be granted for unavoidable circumstances. Should you need to remove your child from school during term-time, please speak to the Headteacher.
The table below provides a useful summary of the impact of non-attendance on children’s education.

Attendance Policy