Can we future-proof our planet?


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The family on a roof surrounded by flood-water

The person on a car in Grandpont


Grandpont, Oxford, UK

How do we help him and his community to cope with perpetual flooding?

How do we cope with perpetual flooding in Oxford?

Floating farms, stilt houses, looking more broadly at human adaptations to environments.

Local solutions to controlling flooding in Oxford.



The project starts with a narrative built around a family on a roof in Bangladesh where there is perpetual flooding and makes the link between flooding and climate change. Through the study of geography, we compare the human and physical features of Grandpont, Oxford, Lynmouth (Devon) and Bangladesh and how these factors have contributed to flooding in both areas as well as human-centred design that have led to innovative solutions to this increasing problem. We will learn about rivers and river systems, including the River Thames and the River Lyn, Devon (Great Flood of 1952). 

More detail to follow.

Knowledge Organiser

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Trips out/Visitors In 

Visits to the river/surrounding flood plains. Local solutions to controlling flooding in Oxford. 

Learning Exhibition 

Launch of a new charity with accompanying website to help support flooded communities in Bangladesh.