Agency is best defined as a ‘socially situated capacity to act’.

Dominic Wyse (BERA – British Educational Research Association)

Children’s Agency and Wellbeing

We work with children to involve them in as many of the decisions that affect them as we can. We also welcome children’s questions and suggestions for how to improve their school. Here are some of the ways in which we do this.

Junior Leadership Team

The JLT meet weekly to discuss school improvement and change. With the representatives from each class, children are able to liaise with their classmates to gather viewpoints and express ideas. In addition, the JLT are responsible for planning and leading our Red Carpet Genius Assembly every Thursday where they host children who wish to share their passions and talents with our school community.

JLT 2024

Red Carpet Passions Assembly

Every Thursday, our JLT host a special assembly where each class share how they have lived our values. In addition, children apply to share their passions which so far have ranged from gymnastics, to piano, to guitar, to wasps, to magic shows, to stand up comedy and circus tricks. Children can share anything that they are passionate about, engendering a sense of belonging as we understand each other more deeply, allowing each other to be our true selves.

Enquiry-Based Curriculum

Our Enquiry-Based Curriculum is designed to show children that, whilst there are problems in the world, there is hope and that there are different ways to make our voices heard and to make a difference to the world. ‘Courageous Advocacy’ is a central theme and, through making changes themselves, persuading others to change and learning about current and historical figures who have stood up for what they believe in with both small and large actions, children will know that one person can make a difference and that that difference can be magnified when we collaborate.

Learning Exhibitions

In presenting their knowledge, discoveries and thinking at our termly Learning Exhibitions for parents and the wider community, our aim is that children know that they have the capacity to cause change in adult behaviours and thinking and therefore that they are being ‘of service to the world’.

Project Planning

Before each project starts, teachers tell children the next Inquiry Question and the main content they will be studying. They then collect children’s insights and wonderings, using these to shape the planning of the next term’s project.

Class Decisions

Each academic year begins with our ‘All of Us’ project where the children learn about each other’s passions, culture and beliefs more deeply. During this period they also make decisions about how their classes will run to ensure that there is a learning environment in which everyone can thrive.

Making Policy Together

Children are increasingly involved in the contribution of policy making either via class discussions, assemblies or through the Junior Leadership Team. A recent example was the co-creation of the children’s version of our Anti-Bullying Policy.