By connecting deeply to their personal ‘genius’ children at St. Ebbe’s, children have a strong sense of who they are, where they are most confident and the areas in which they might need support. We recognise and accept that these are unique to each of us and support each other in our personal growth.

We teach children how connection with others (collaboration) can lead to faster problem-solving and how to value others’ ideas when they are different from their own and which might lead to a better solution.

By learning about people and their stories, through our Inquiry-Based Curriculum, children have the opportunity to practise compassion by connecting to people in places they may never have been and which are different to Oxford.

We model and invite children to make connections between different areas of learning and knowledge, valuing their contributions as learning progresses.

Whilst we are a Church of England school, St. Ebbe’s community is made up of people of many different faiths and none. Children are invited to share and to discuss what connection means to them in the context of faith.