COVID -19 Infection Control Measures – March 2022

Testing, Isolation and Managing Confirmed Cases of COVID-19

Children and Adults with Symptoms of Covid-19

  • Children and adults must not come to school if they have any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Children and adults will be sent home if they develop symptoms of Covid-19
  • Children and adults with symptoms of Covid-19 must undertake a PCR test
  • Children and adults must not return to school until they have a negative PCR test result or their self-isolation period has expired ( see NHS guidance When to self-isolate and what to do )

Children developing Covid-19 symptoms at School

  • Children developing symptoms of Covid-19 will be moved to the school library to isolate
  • School office will call parents of children with Covid-19 symptoms to advise that they must be collected from school
  • Parents must be contactable so that they can collect children from school if required
  • Parents will be asked to collect children from school as soon as possible if required

PCR Tests

  • Children or staff with symptoms of Covid-19 must stay at home and take a PCR test
  • PCR tests can be booked via the NHS testing website
  • Staff must advise school of any positive test results as soon as possible
  • Parents must advise school of any positive test results as soon as possible
  • School Office to contact parents regarding test results within 24 hours of a child going home with symptoms
  • In the event of a positive test result, school will inform the Local Authority and send a ‘Warn and Inform’ letter to parents
  • As part of the NHS Test and Trace programme, if multiple cases are detected within a cohort or in the wider setting, Public Health England’s local health protection teams will conduct a rapid investigation and advise school on the most appropriate action to take
  • School will put in place a Contingency Plan to ensure education continues with minimal disruption.


  • Children and adults are required to self-isolate if:
    • they have any symptoms of Covid-19, even if they are mild:
      • a high temperature
      • a new, continuous cough
      • a loss or change to sense of smell or taste
    • they have tested positive for Covid-19
    • someone they live with has symptoms or tested positive (unless they are not required to self-isolate – see: When to self-isolate and what to do
    • they have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace following contact with someone who tested positive
  • For further details see: COVID-19: people with COVID-19 and their contacts

Ventilation, Cleaning and Hygiene


  • Classroom doors and windows to be open whenever possible to provide ventilation
  • Doors and windows to be opened in offices and shared areas wherever possible to provide ventilation
  • CO2 monitors to be checked regularly through the day to assess ventilation
  • If CO2 levels are above 1200 and rising, children are taken outside and doors and windows left open
  • Do not allow CO2 levels to rise above 1500
  • Outdoor learning to take place where possible


  • Adults to use hand sanitiser when entering building
  • Adults to wash hands for 20 seconds frequently
  • Parents to provide children with clean, filled water bottles daily
  • Parents to teach and remind children about hand washing
  • Teachers to teach and remind children about hand washing
  • Teachers to schedule supervised hand washing/sanitisation on arrival, after play, before lunch and after lunch, using shared equipment
  • Teachers to ensure children are bringing fresh water bottle daily
  • Children to have their own frequently used equipment (e.g. pens, pencils, rulers and rubbers)
  • Years 2-6 children to use “toilet stick” system


  • Staff to ensure regular supply of soap and paper towels for all classrooms and toilets
  • School cleaner to clean shared high contact areas and toilet sticks daily 11:30-13:30
  • School cleaner to check and replenish soap, sanitiser and paper towels daily 11:30-13:30
  • Classrooms to be kept clear of clutter to enable cleaning
  • KS2 classroom staff to clean tables before lunch

Social Distancing

Parents in School

  • Parents must make an appointment before entering school buildings but should maintain social distance
  • Parents who need to come to School Reception can enter through the front door but should maintain social distance


  • School gates to open from 08.40, children to arrive by 08.55
  • Parents to drop Reception and Year 1 children at external classroom doors and observe one-way system
  • Children to enter classrooms through external doors


  • School finishes at 15.00 daily
  • Parents can collect children from outside of their classrooms
  • School gates will open at 14.55
  • Parents are advised not to congregate in large groups outside of classrooms
  • Parents are requested to leave school as soon as they have collected their children

School Day

  • Some small assemblies will resume in the Hall but others will continue on Zoom