COVID -19 Risk Assessment – March 2022 Update

COVID RA March 22


Hazards Who might be impacted? Measures to Mitigate Risk
Spread of coronavirus infection within school community Staff, students, families Infection control measures See Infection Control Measures (ICM) for parents and staff
Covid infection due to children or adults attending school whilst they have a transmissable covid infection All Adults and children to be sent home if displaying covid symptoms and required to undertake a PCR test

Families sent Warn & Inform letters when new covid cases identified in their child’s class

Families advised to undertake targetted testing when an “outbreak” occurs in their child’s class (more than 5 cases in a 10 day period)

Adults and children required to follow NHS guidance on People with Covid-19 and their contacts

Anxiety in the school community related to coronavirus and related school provision Staff, students, families Detailed infection control plan, structured communication strategy to advise families of school experience and plans, consistent, visible execution and monitoring of infection control measures Communicate Infection Control Guidance to parents and staff. Invite parent and staff feedback. SLT to read RA and ICM regularly and rigorously enforce and monitor all measures and send regular reminders. Report ICM monitoring to governors on weekly basis. Governor Covid Response Team set up to support monitoring. Standing item at Governor meetings.
Vulnerable children not accessing education due to difficulties accessing Covid testing Students Provide details of how to access appropriate testing (i.e. LFD and PCR testing) if required
Children receiving sub-optimal education provision (within coronavirus situation constraints) Students All students are required to attend school. Remote Learning Policy drives consistent and coordinated delivery of education through a combination of in-school and distance learning arrangements. Ensure students have appropriate facilities to access distance learning where required (e.g. Chromebook)
Insufficient staff available, due to self-isolation (combined with normal absence reasons), to deliver effective education for whole school Students Reduce spread of infection in school (see above)
SEND children missing out on provision due to Covid restrictions SEND students Identify most vulnerable SEND and encourage students to attend school. Ensure regular contact maintained with families where students can’t or won’t attend school. Ensure appropriate provision and special accommodations are supplied remotely if students not attending school. SW to closely monitor SEND provision in class/on Learning Platforms and at home
School staff welfare compromised due to stress and changing workload required to manage changes due to coronavirus Staff Develop detailed plans for changing school procedures and timetables and fully engage staff team in necessary change plans. Solicit staff feedback and incorporate feedback into plans where possible. Ensure regular communication sessions with staff to ensure issues ae identified and addressed in a timely manner. Fortnightly staff Zoom sessions include opportunities to give feedback on arrangements. Use email to communicate all documents to staff. SLT to reinforce content of documents each day
School finance adversely affected due coronavirus effects and accommodations School Record all additional spending and income lost as a consequence of coronavirus restrictions and accommodations.