“People who are curious learn more than people who are not, and people learn more when they are curious than when they are not.”
Susan Engel – The Hungry Mind.

When humans are curious, they seek to understand what surprises them or to make sense of things which seem uncertain. By presenting children with problems to solve throughout our curriculum, we aim to maximise their innate drive to be curious.
We set our projects under the umbrella of big inquiry questions, which by their very nature cannot have a single answer and ask children interesting, open questions during lessons, rather than supplying them with the answers to problems.
We encourage children to follow their own curiosities in their learning by valuing the questions they ask and inviting their contributions and thoughts.

We model and encourage curiosity through listening to different people and exploring their beliefs, teaching children how to disagree productively.

We teach children that it’s important to be curious and to think critically about information.