Awe and Wonder For children to ask questions and experience the joy and energy that can come from learning and creating new things.

For children to feel a deep sense of awe, wonder and connection to themselves, Planet Earth and any faith beliefs.

Equality and Justice For children to be open-minded and interested in people from a variety of cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds.
Critical thinking For children to be curious and to think critically about information.


Debate For children to have the courage to disagree productively with others but be curious in others’ views and beliefs.
Resilience For children to expect and embrace failure and feedback as part of the learning process.
Written and oral communication



For children to be able to express their individuality, knowledge, ideas, and faith in a confident and informed manner without fear of shame.


Trust For children to feel the value of connecting with others through collaboration and listening deeply.

& Human Rights

For children to feel a connection to the stories of people in challenging circumstances, become emotionally invested in their learning and remember associated knowledge.
Belonging For children to learn about, and be proud of their local community and the City of Oxford as a source of wisdom, inspiration and knowledge.