Do humans need plants to survive and thrive?

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The Last Mayan Ruler Tecun Uman  Mesoamerica (Central America)  Demise of the Mayan Empire  Sustainable farming  



The project will start with a narrative built around the last Mayan Ruler, Tecun Uman (adult in role), who is dealing with the fact that his kingdom is in decline. The children will theorise and find out about what has led to the demise of the civilisation and destruction of the environment. The project will then move south to the Amazon Rainforest with a narrative built from the point of view of a female Amazon tribal leader whose habitat is being destroyed through coffee/chocolate farming. The children will next study plants in greater depth, including what plants require to grow, transport of water and nutrients and a basic understanding of photosynthesis, life cycles, bees and pollination, identifying plants around our local area as well as medicines that can be derived from plants. Children will learn about eco-systems and how, if we destroy one part of an eco-system, it affects many other parts.  

Children will learn about the ‘wood wide web’ and the way that trees are interdependent. Children will explore their own relationship with nature and undertake various well-being activities outside, assessing how they feel before and afterwards. They will consider why we should care for plants and how we can do so.  

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Oxford Botanic Gardens | Pitt Rivers | Allotment keepers | Contact BBC re natural world presenters 

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Community invite to our Rainforest Cafe including a musical poetry performance.