Does everything deserve kindness?

Person/Animal: Herbert the Slug

Place: Herbert’s Garden/Our School grounds

Problem: Living things not being treated kindly

Possibilities: Kindness towards all creatures/getting to know others before making judgements


In this project we will explore the role that minibeasts play in supporting our eco-system. We will be focusing mainly on those creatures such as spiders, slugs, bees, worms and ants who at a first glance may appear scary, ugly, or unpleasant. However, we will be discovering the fascinating things they do for us and the planet. We will also explore their anatomy, how they behave as a group and what would happen to the world if we would not have them. This will challenge assumptions that although something may not appear beautiful, it is still worthy of kindness. 

The project’s narrative will be built around the book Herbet’s Garden by Lara Hawthorne, in which a series of minibeasts treat unkindly the main character, a slug, who just admires their work. This book shows how each one of the characters play their part in preserving the eco-system and how everybody can do their part to make our world a more beautiful place.  

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Trips out/Visitors In 

Wild area in St. Ebbe’s School and fortnightly Forest School


Learning Exhibition