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Results of our June 2023 Parent/Carer Survey

2023 Parent Carer Survey

General Comments 2023

I have seen vast improvement in the school. It used to feel like only staff were listened to but now parents are seen and heard along with our children. Matters are dealt with professionally and promptly. The school has great policies and procedures. I feel very happy and content that my children are surrounded by a positive and caring environment. My children are also seen as individuals whom are able to express their feelings safely. Confidentiality is above and beyond at St Ebbe’s. Wherever I have had concerns they have always been dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner with positive results. An extremely satisfied parent. This school is outstanding and as a whole is a diverse community. Well done – you deserve this review.

Really lovely school – very warm and my child has gained so much confidence due to the wonderful environment.

I feel so lucky to be part of this community. Thanks for being so brilliant.

St Ebbes is an excellent school. Our child has progressed so much since September and his behavioural issues have been dealt with, working together with us the parents. Our child feels happy and safe and is eager to go to school each morning. He also feels listened to and understood, feels it’s safe to express his emotions and has learned appropriate ways to do so.

I have two children at St Ebbes and the school has by far exceeded all of my expectations. I feel completely comfortable and confident in leaving my children here knowing that their education is of the utmost importance, the style and teaching techniques really work for us, the children are excited by learning, included in all activities and I feel they are progressing brilliantly. The children love school and when we have holidays are always asking when it is that they can return. I feel that I am well informed, the staff are fantastic and you can tell that each member of staff really love working with the children. I have nothing negative to say and am thankful that we were accepted into this school.

My daughter loves her school.

My son has never felt so safe and secure in an environment. Thank you St. Ebbe’s and thank you to the wonderful staff.

We think St Ebbe’s is brilliant and are really grateful to have our children there. We can see how much effort the teachers put in to our kids and everything they teach them. We can see that teachers are generally under a lot of pressure and have a big job. We are really appreciative of Tina and all the staff.

My children are very happy at school and enjoy all the different events. I particularly enjoy seeing their work at the learning exhibitions.

I love the curriculum and approach to learning and child development. Staff are amazing and it genuinely feels like a community where all kinds of children and families are welcome.

My child loves her teacher and all the staff. She is happy and engaged. The one issue we had was dealt with swiftly and with kindness.

Our children are really happy at St Ebbes and we as parents feel that they get the best out of school. Brilliant supportive leadership and pastoral care. Class teachers are attentive on the most part. We love having members of staff on the gate who welcome each morning by name and with as smile. It really is a great start to the day. After school club and the extra curricular options are amazing and the kids really look forward to attending. Thank you!

St Ebbe’s is wonderful and I love the school. Given the challenges that primary schools are facing and have faced recently I am astounded at how well St Ebbe’s are doing and I hope everyone at the school is really proud.

We appreciate the focus on kindness and respect and the way that learning is framed in a much bigger context. The school leadership is excellent.

Whenever I’ve talked behaviour issues through with staff, they’ve been remarkably engaged and helpful, really listening and understanding. Very grateful for this, as it has enabled a positive cycle of communication between staff, parent and child.

It’s been wonderful being invited in to so many school events this year and last year! The school is a really inclusive, welcoming, friendly, encouraging and creative place. Really appreciate the vision and hard work from leadership and staff that goes into fostering that. Thank you so much for all the work you do!

The school has a lovely atmosphere which has really encouraged a love of learning in our daughter.

There is a warm and welcoming culture at St Ebbes, from the beginning of the school day when we are greeted at the gate (whatever the weather!) to day to day interactions with staff, other children and the parent community, to the colourful weekly newsletter that celebrates the activities of the week. We feel able to ask for support or help when we need it, we feel part of decisions that are made, and we feel very lucky to be part of this school community . Thank you to all of you who work so hard to create this learning space for our children!

St. Ebbe’s is organised and inspiring. Constructive, simple, clear rules for children about thresholds of the acceptable. In all these regards, the school seems strong now.


General Comments 2022

We can’t imagine a more caring, motivated, dedicated and enlightened environment for our child to be in. They are learning so much more than their ABCs – thank you, St. Ebbes, for genuinely teaching compassion, courage and curiosity! We see them all shine through in our child. 

Thank you to the whole team at St Ebbe’s. You work so hard and are so creative and encouraging with our children. I am very grateful my kids get to enjoy such a stimulating and nurturing environment. 

Our experience of St Ebbe’s has been great, especially now we are emerging from the difficulties of covid and able to connect in person much more! We’re finding it a remarkably friendly, inclusive and positive school with a valuable focus on community and relationships. 

We love St Ebbes’ inclusive and warm ethos, with no uniform or homework and a focus on inspiring a love of learning. Ms Farr gives outstanding leadership to the school. We have been hugely impressed by the skills and dedication of all the teaching staff. Despite the large classes they seem to really know and care about my child. My child is thriving academically and socially.

My daughter loves school, has lots of friends and is growing in confidence. She always comes home with a new skill or fact. We feel sure she is getting a brilliant start to school life! 

My child loves St Ebbes. His love for learning is blossoming. He can now read and write and has a great interest in all things to do with school. He has built good friendships with children in his class and most importantly feels safe and happy. We would highly recommend St Ebbes to anyone. Thank you for your hard work

Thank you all for working so hard to make the school an interesting, inclusive and happy place, where our daughter has been supported through some challenging times to find a way of being that works for her. She is full of confidence as she leaves St Ebbe’s and it is lovely to see. Thank you ar — she is very lucky to have benefitted from all of your wisdom, kindness, patience and enthusiasm. 

My child loves going to school every day! We are very happy with St Ebbe’s School. 

We LOVE St. Ebbes. Full stop. I wish there was an extra option in the “I am happy that my child is able to attend St. Ebbes“-question to say: Couldn’t agree more.

We love St Ebbes for its values, ethos and culture as a school. Generally the school communication is excellent, and my daughter and I love reading the newsletter together each week and spotting her friends in it. We feel very lucky to have such a caring, supportive community. We feel 100% confident in St Ebbes and its staff to help our daughter feel safe and to grow and learn. 

We are extremely happy with St Ebbes. It has a real community feel where our kids feel welcome and happy. We are very lucky! 

Thank you to all the teaching staff and support staff at the school. They work consistently hard to deliver a good, rounded education to the children in a very friendly and nurturing environment. Behavioural issues and bullying (which is rare) are responded to and dealt with well. Children know what is expected of them and kindness is actively promoted. Staff get to know children and families as individuals and work hard to create an inclusive and fair environment. The standard of teaching my child has received has been consistently high. Staff are very kind and caring.

St Ebbes is a very well managed school, incredibly welcoming and diverse. Our child loves going to school and the school gate welcome is fantastic, his desire to learn is strong and there’s a fantastic community spirit.

St Ebbes has exceeded all of my expectations, it’s vibrant and fun but also approachable and professional. all the staff really do seem to love children, my son is thriving here and always looks forward to going, it’s a friendly and warm environment.

St Ebbe’s is a welcoming, inclusive and positive school. The vision, involvement of the whole community and curriculum planning are superb. Creativity and a passion for reading and exploration thrive.  

St Ebbe’s helps its students feel secure and confident and maintains that vital element of education, curiosity. We love the ethos of school and greatly value certain aspects like forest school and its outside space. Following two very strange school years, our children are learning well and are fundamentally happy as a result of the nurturing and thoughtful approach to learning at the school. 

There is a really warm and welcoming culture at the school, where we as a family feel like valued members of the community. The children have enjoyed school life again after a period of time learning at home, they have a strong sense of being part of a bigger community, of ‘belonging’ at St Ebbes. They particularly love the projects that they are able to take part in such as the Story Museum and Festival Voices, and have been so thrilled to have their learning exhibitions celebrating their work each term.

We have felt very welcome since joining St Ebbe’s! We feel well informed about what the children are learning, the learning exhibitions were amazing and there are excellent extracurricular activities (French, football, art, etc).  

My son is so happy at the School and he is growing in confidence all the time, so obviously we are delighted with St Ebbe’s. A safe, welcoming, warm environment for learning is the most important thing for my son in my opinion. 

My child has really thrived in his first year and we are so pleased we chose St Ebbes.

I feel so very blessed to be part of the St Ebbes community where the leadership, admin and teaching staff fully enact the values of the school and role-model to the children how to walk in this world with generosity, integrity, courage and love.

It has been worth moving to Oxford just to be part of this school – and I’m very happy that we still have another four years of belonging to this remarkable, inspiring community.

You continue to be just that rock for us, and for the whole school community. No matter what is going on behind the scenes, we see unchangingly smiling faces at the gate. We see teachers who are as responsive and supportive as ever. We see a staff body that is smiling and seems, despite it all, content in themselves.

I am a Grandma to 3 of the children in your school. What impresses me most is how radiantly happy and confident they seem every time we meet. So I feel I must write to say ‘Thank you’ to you, their teachers and everyone who works with you, for having a school where children can thrive and feel secure.

Learning Exhibitions – feedback from parents

“The children were so excited to share what they had learnt, everyone was fully engaged, it was exciting, warm, and the children were very knowledgeable in their subject, thoroughly enjoyed it and loved that the children clearly loved what they were doing.”

“A very lovely event. Particularly appreciated the simplicity if it that really enabled the children to show what their contribution has been and what they have learnt and taken away from the project.”

“Lovely to see my child so proud of his work and his school and how happy he was to have his mum in the building and see his classroom for the first time in years! A wonderful moment. Also great to see such a great relationship between the teachers and the children. Thank you to all involved!”

“The children seemed so proud of what they had achieved and what they knew- they were excited to share it with their parents and my son was talking about it for days both before and after the exhibition.”

“I really enjoyed some focused time with XX talking about his learning and playing the game he and his workgroup designed. He was able to teach me about gyres and about leachate. We carried on our discussions at home about other small steps we could take as a family. Thank you to the teachers and to all the children for making this learning event possible.”

“My child was really happy to show us the different elements of the exhibition and her environmental awareness has definitely improved.”

“I love the way you teach our children, where empathy and real life experience play a fundamental role. I am also glad that you are making them aware of environmental problems without them feeling overwhelmed but empowered to make a change. Thank you!”