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General Comments

X has really thrived in his first year and we are so pleased we chose St Ebbes.” Parent

“I am utterly bowled over by your kindness and feel so very blessed to be part of the St Ebbes community where the leadership, admin and teaching staff fully enact the values of the school and role-model to the children how to walk in this world with generosity, integrity, courage and love.” Parent

It has been worth moving to Oxford just to be part of this school – and I’m very happy that we still have another four years of belonging to this remarkable, inspiring community.” Parent

“You continue to be just that rock for us, and for the whole school community. No matter what is going on behind the scenes, we see unchangingly smiling faces at the gate. We see teachers who are as responsive and supportive as ever. We see a staff body that is smiling and seems, despite it all, content in themselves.” Parent

“I am a Grandma to 3 of the children in your school.  I don’t see nearly enough of them these days, but when I do it’s usually in that time just after school has finished for the day.  What impresses me most is how radiantly happy and confident they seem every time we meet. So I feel Imust write to say ‘Thank you’ to you, their teachers and everyone who works with you, for having a school where children can thrive and feel secure.” Grandparent

Learning Exhibitions – feedback from parents

“The children were so excited to share what they had learnt, everyone was fully engaged, it was exciting, warm, and the children were very knowledgeable in their subject, thoroughly enjoyed it and loved that the children clearly loved what they were doing.”

“A very lovely event. Particularly appreciated the simplicity if it that really enabled the children to show what their contribution has been and what they have learnt and taken away from the project.”

“Lovely to see my child so proud of his work and his school and how happy he was to have his mum in the building and see his classroom for the first time in years! A wonderful moment. Also great to see such a great relationship between the teachers and the children. Thank you to all involved!”

“The children seemed so proud of what they had achieved and what they knew- they were excited to share it with their parents and my son was talking about it for days both before and after the exhibition.”

“I really enjoyed some focused time with XX talking about his learning and playing the game he and his workgroup designed. He was able to teach me about gyres and about leachate. We carried on our discussions at home about other small steps we could take as a family. Thank you to the teachers and to all the children for making this learning event possible.”

“My child was really happy to show us the different elements of the exhibition and her environmental awareness has definitely improved.”

“I love the way you teach our children, where empathy and real life experience play a fundamental role. I am also glad that you are making them aware of environmental problems without them feeling overwhelmed but empowered to make a change. Thank you!”