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Committees, Attendance and Business & Pecuniary Interests

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Governing Body Committees

Policy Area Leadership Committee

Purpose of Committee

During the academic year 2022-23, the Policy Area Leadership committee will work to:

  • Prioritise and co-ordinate ongoing Governing Body activity within each policy area
  • Identify cross-cutting themes to catalyse strategic discussion within the Full Governing Body and Senior Leadership Team

Composition of Committee

Four Policy Area leads, covering the four policy areas:

  • Resources: Steve Whitla (Chair of Committee)
  • Operational Management: Jenni Williams
  • Curriculum: Hugh Starkey

The committee will determine its own clerking arrangements.

Activities for 2022-23

  1. Accountability activities

Policy Area Leads will each oversee the ongoing activity of a team of governors to track progress against the relevant section of the school’s Improvement and Learning Plan, scrutinise existing and future data / reports as they become available, perform ongoing monitoring and accountability activity during the course of the year, challenge the Headteacher and Leadership Team on the basis of the information disclosed and report back high level progress and areas of concern to the Full Governing Body.

2. System level activities

Policy Area Leads will also co-ordinate a programme of activities by their teams to ensure that by Summer 2023:

  • The school has documented the operational processes and reporting / feedback mechanisms associated with each policy in the staff Reference Guide, in a form that is consistent and clear for Governors as well as staff
  • There is a documented schedule and clear process for the Governor monitoring activities required to substantiate the picture presented by the reports and feedback created and shared with Governors

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