How can we help others find beauty in our world?

Person/animal: Polar Bear in ‘The Journey Home’ by Fran Preston-Gannon

Place: North Pole, Canada, China, Australia

Problem: Melting ice-caps

Possibilities: Helping others, getting to know others, accepting difference


This project’s narrative follows the polar bear. The ice where he lives is melting due to climate change and he needs to set off to find a new home. On his way, he comes across other bears whose habitats are endangered as well: Panda bear from China, a brown bear from Canada and a Koala bear from Australia. As the polar bear has never been out of the North Pole, he has never met other bear species. Children will talk about differences across the world and acceptance, as well as understanding why habitats and becoming endangered. We will explore how much beauty we can find around the world and how to preserve it.  

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