How do stories shape what we think?

People: The villagers of Little Ebbes

Place: Little Ebbe’s Village, Grandpont

Problem: A dragon is terrorising the village

Possibilities: How can we understand people when they act in anger or fear? Considering the feelings of others when they are behaving unkindly. Solving problems when someone is upset. 


We travel back in time to medieval Britain, in the make-believe village of Little Ebbe. Little Ebbe is a harmonious village where everyone has a role, and everyone lives peacefully. Creating our annual village fete, we cannot wait to celebrate a successful harvest by eating delicious food, playing and dancing to music and playing carnival games. Alas, all is in not as it seems as a dark cloud overshadows the village. A terrible dragon rips through the village carnival, destroying and burning as it goes. The village get together in the village hall. What shall we do? 

The children are approached by an expert in ‘Dragonology’ – Dr Ernest Drake who offers to help. The children go on an adventure through the land to find the dragon’s lair, only to discover that the dragon felt scared. She has eggs to protect and a home to look after. The children get together to talk to the dragon and try and find a future solution.  

After the problem is resolved, the children are challenged by Dr Drake to learn more about dragons from around the world and change people’s perceptions of dragons through the power of story.  

Knowledge Organiser

Year 1 How do stories shape what we think

Trips out/Visitors In 

A visit to the Story Museum. 

Learning Exhibition 

Children are in the role of fireside bards, storytellers, poets and re-tell stories they have made that involve dragons, we invite our community in the hear a range of tales and to hear our super drumming!

“We really enjoy the opportunity to join with parents, children and teachers to experience first-hand what the children are learning. We really appreciate the imagination and planning that goes into these exhibitions! The results are always really impressive and fun. Thank you.” Year 1 Parent