Curriculum for Years 1 – 6 and Early Years

At St Ebbe’s School, we take a cross curricular approach to teaching the National Curriculum.  Each term we choose a particular theme,  and wherever possible the teaching in every subject is linked to this theme.  We teach in this way because research shows that children learn best when they can make links and connections in their learning; and it gives us the opportunity to teach creatively and to work from children’s interests and passions.


Year Group Curriculum Plans (Graphics)

We have a two-year rolling program and the current (2017-18) academic year is Year A

Year A  (2017-18)

Year B  (2016-17)

Autumn 2017
Autumn 2016
Spring 2018
Spring 2017
Summer 2018
Summer 2017


Class Curriculum Newsletters

Teachers upload a weekly curriculum newsletter to their Class News – located on the individual class pages on the website – each Friday.  This newsletter tells you what the children are currently learning, their homework and other ways that you can help.  Links to each of our class pages are below:

R  – Garry R – Darling Y1 – Liffey Y1 –  Congo Y2 – Seine Y2 – Thames Y3 – Swan
Y3 – Pangani Y4 – Danube Y4 – Amazon Y5 – Limpopo Y5 – Yangtze Y6 – Haro Y6 – Ob


Further Curriculum Information

We teach phonics daily in EYFS and KS1 using the DfE Letters and Sounds Programme, and reading is taught using a programme of graded books.

We teach writing using the Talk for Writing approach developed by Pie Corbett which is based on the principles of how children learn; it enables children to imitate the language they need for a particular topic orally before reading and analysing it, and then writing their own version.

For children who need additional support, we use the Read, Write Inc. resources and Code X together with Precision Teaching and Toe-by-Toe.

In Maths we use Maths No Problem which is based on the Singapore Maths approach.   This approach is designed to improve pupils’ understanding, enjoyment and attainment in mathematics, and emphasises conceptual understanding and problem solving.


Useful Maths Resources

These resources were shared with parents at our Curriculum afternoon and evening March 2017:

We also recommend TopMarks for maths practice.