St Ebbe’s C. E. Primary School, which was opened on 2nd February 1976, serves children aged 4 – 11 years old and their families.  We currently have approximately 350 children in fourteen classes.  We have an inner-city catchment area, which is approximately one square mile, and situated in south central Oxford.  We are fortunate to have a rich diversity of cultures, languages and backgrounds represented in our school community.

We are a popular school; families choose us from within our catchment area but also from other parts of the city.  Although many families live within walking distance, other families have a longer journey to school.  We also acknowledge that some families may need to come to school by car, as this is part of their onward journey to work.  These are important considerations for our travel plan.

We want the journey to school to be as safe as possible so that children and parents will choose to walk or cycle to school as often as they can.  Our concern is both for the health of the children and reduced pollution for all.


Summary of what is good about the journey to school.

  • Our annual pupil travel survey shows that St. Ebbe’s is a very sustainable school with less than 10% of pupils travelling to school by car.
  • 27% of pupils cycle or scoot to St. Ebbe’s school which is a very high percentage.
  • The school is situated away from a main road and it is possible for most families to come to school via the residential roads, through Hinksey Park or along the Thames tow path.
  • We are situated close to our feeder nursery so that walking and cycling between the nursery and school is very easy.
  • Our younger cyclists can use the wide path along Whitehouse Road until they are confident about using the road.


Description of journeys to and from school at normal start and finish times.

  • The majority of our children come to school from the neighbouring Grandpont and Hinksey areas. Some children come from Iffley and East Oxford and from Botley and West Oxford. They arrive at school from 8.40 onwards and leave at the close of the school day at 3.00.


Action Plan

We have built an additional cycle shelter for staff only to encourage more teachers and teaching assistants to cycle to school.

We have built an additional scooter park to encourage more children to scoot to school as well as cycle.

Our Home School Link Worker is working to grow our Walking School Bus to reduce the number of local children being brought to school by car.