School Dress Code

We have no school uniform at St. Ebbe’s, but we ask that children dress for active learning and play and wear shoes with a back (e.g. not flip flops/sliders) that they can run around in. Please provide a sun hat when necessary.

All KS1 and KS2 children need navy shorts or leggings and a blue T-shirt in a named bag for P.E.

Children in Y3 and Y4 will all go swimming during the year. Children will need a swimming hat (available to buy from the office), and goggles may not be worn without written permission from the child’s parent.


For Health & Safety we ask that no jewellery is worn to school except studs for pierced ears and a watch.

Smart Watches

If your child has a Smart Watch, please disable the online functions before allowing them to wear it to school.