Is water the most precious thing on Earth?

Person: Kenyan Child

Place: Kenya, East Africa

Problem: Limited access to water

Possibilities: Advocating for the right to clean water across the planet, reducing our own water usage at school and home


Humans have the right to clean, fresh water but not everyone has enough. Through this project, the children learn about water inequality across the globe and what people are doing about it. They look at their own water usage, how it is used in the classroom, at school and at home, finding ways to reduce waste.  

They undertake surveys and suggest ways of saving water efficiently. They will design posters and information leaflets to share this information with an audience of children and adults.  

The children visit the local river habitat, alongside reading ‘A river’ and writing short stories as well as studying water depicted in art by Monet and Hokusai. 

Discussions involve talking about water on the Earth and where it is found, distinguishing between salt and fresh water. Inequality, fairness and how humans fight for their right to clean water.   

Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Organiser_Y2 _Is water the most precious thing in the world

Trips out/Visitors In 

Boat trip (June/July) 

Water lilies in the Botanical gardens 

Learning Exhibition 

Art Exhibition – an unveiling of a Monet ‘pond’ created outdoors, wonderful sea creatures and information shared about conserving and saving water. 

“Beautiful work – and so wonderful to come into the school to see it. The care taken by the teachers to make children feel special about their work is amazing, e.g. framing the underwater animals artwork (like a proper exhibition!). And my son felt so proud having me in his space and giving me a tour, it was lovely. Thank you!” Year 2 Parent