Supporting mathematics at home

The most important thing you can do to support mathematics at home is to practise ‘times-tables’. Chanting the ‘times-tables’ will help your child recall these important facts quickly and to have them at their finger tips when solving more complex problems.

At St. Ebbe’s, we use the White Rose Scheme of Work. The link below contains further information for parents and carers and ideas to support at home.

White Rose Advice and Guidance for Parents

Sharing Mathematical Story books.

The fear of making mistakes can be one of the key things which holds children back from reaching their mathematical potential. Children’s parents may have been raised to believe that they are ‘no good’ at mathematics and may inadvertently convey this to their children. We ask that parents convey a positive, ‘Everyone Can’ attitude to mathematics.

Whilst we realise you will do so with the very best of intentions, please avoid teaching children ‘your way’ of carrying out calculations (sums). We teach a very specific, ‘step-by-step’ approach to calculations and being taught something else at home can easily confuse children and slow down their progress. Do ask your child’s teacher if you would like to support with calculations at home and they will explain the most helpful way you can do so.

Please avoid buying ‘workbooks’ from bookshops for the same reason.

Play maths games online such as these from Top Marks.

Help your child log in to Numbots or Times Table Rockstars. Ask your child’s teacher if they don’t have their log in to hand.

NRich for problems and puzzles to do at home.

Please read this important advice from Professor Jo Boaler of Stanford University about what you as parents can do to transform maths for your children.