Our Vision

For our children to achieve the highest academic outcomes and to become secure, fulfilled and active members of society.



This strategy has been developed in order to provide a comprehensive approach to the development of St Ebbe’s CofE [Aided] Primary School over the medium term.

The school has a vision with a supporting mission statement underpinned by a set of values.


Our Values

  • Respect – we encourage tolerance and respect for the rights of others and ourselves;
  • Responsibility – we care for our heritage, community and the environment;
  • Equality – we foster a regard for justice and equality;
  • Trust – we build trust so that we can work and learn co-operatively;
  • Courage – we support each other to make brave choices, take responsible risks and stand up for our own beliefs;
  • Compassion – we show care and concern in our relationship with others;
  • Wonder – we foster an appreciation of beauty and an awareness of the spiritual dimension of life.
These values permeate the life of the school.


Our Mission

  • to be an excellent school where every child, irrespective of background, makes good academic progress and develops a love of learning;
  • to appoint and develop inspirational staff who provide excellent teaching and nurture all our children;
  • to provide creative learning opportunities that engage individual children and groups;
  • to develop an inspiring environment that enables an exciting curriculum;
  • to promote a commitment to  inclusion that enables all children to flourish;
  • to contribute to the cohesiveness of our local community and to welcome all school families
  • to provide a range of opportunities for children to engage in sport and performing arts and develop team work and collaboration;
  • to deliver excellent RE teaching that is helpful in preparing children to live in a multi faith society;
  • to continue growing our relationships with the local churches and the diocese (click here for further details).

The School Improvement Plan will then provide the mechanism for achieving these aspirations.  Our School Improvement Plan can be read here: