The full Governing Body meets five or six times each school year. At each meeting governors look back at matters that have arisen from previous meetings and check whether these have been addressed and what has been the outcome. The updated School Improvement Plan [SIP] will have been circulated before the meeting and governors ask challenging and probing questions about the priorities of the SIP and what progress has been made towards achieving the desired outcomes.  Link to Full Governing Body Minutes:

Much of the detailed work of the GB is carried out in the sub-committees; Curriculum and Standards [C & S}, Finance, Personnel and Welfare [F, P & W], Foundation, Premises, Admissions. Governors choose which committee they wish work on but committee meetings are open to any governor to attend. Link to Governing Body Committees:

To be fully involved in the life of the school, governors aim to visit the school whilst it is in session, both informally and for more formal visits. At times and with staff, we may speak with children about their experiences or visit classrooms to see some aspect of the School Improvement Plan in practice. These visits enable us to gain important background knowledge about the daily life and working of the school.

Involvement in the appointment staff is an important aspect of being a governor and each interviewing panel aims to include at least one governor, working alongside staff to select the best staff for the school.

Being a school governor is a demanding but very rewarding role. We are all volunteers and give willingly of our time and abilities to support the school and help staff deliver the best possible education for every child. If you would like to know more about becoming a school governor, please contact the Chair of Governors, via the school.