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At St Ebbe’s we want ALL children to have the opportunity to become physically literate and to find joy in movement, through high quality physical education, participation in organised sport and frequent engagement in activity.


Regular physical activity is associated with improved learning and attainment and the benefits of exercise on an individual’s mental and physical health are indisputable. Participation in sport has the power to build empathy, tolerance and human connection and therefore is a key tool for the social and mental development of young people.

‘Real PE’ Scheme of Work


We use the ‘Real PE’ scheme of work at St. Ebbe’s because it is designed to include, challenge and support every child.

The lesson plans provide a structure for teachers to plan effective PE lessons which ensure progression and coverage of the core knowledge and skills of the National Curriculum.

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Physical Education Policy

PE policy

Details of how we spend our Sports Premium can be found here.