• Performing Arts & Music

Music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. Our Music curriculum will engage and inspire pupils, developing their love for and interest in many forms of music of different styles and from different times and cultures. It will develop their skills and confidence in taking part in music activities, in listening, singing and playing musical instruments. Music also makes an important contribution to the life of St Ebbe’s School.

Music Progression


We offer many musical opportunities at St. Ebbes and encourage children to join in.

Music Lessons

We have weekly Key-Stage 1 and 2 singing for all children: we sing a broad range of songs: in parts and in rounds, for assemblies, from musicals, project-linked etc. We also listen to music from different cultures, times and in various styles.

Extra-Curricular Music

  • Choir – weekly at lunchtime with many performance opportunities.
  • Orchestra – workshops and a performance twice a year.
  • Musical Theatre Club – weekly after school with performances twice a year.
  • A school concert twice a year when our choir, orchestra and soloists (all abilities) perform.

We have visiting teachers for:

  • Violin and cello
  • Brass
  • Guitar
  • Drums

Festival of Voices

We also take part in the Festival of Voices at Dorchester Abbey once a year with a group of 30 Year 3 or 4 children.


At Christmas, our KS1 children put on a Christmas play which they write themselves.

In July, Year 6 produce a fabulous summer musical outside in our school grounds, including singing accompanied by Years 4 and 5 and a children’s band.