• Personal Development


At St. Ebbe’s, we combine PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) and RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) under the umbrella term: Personal Development.

Teaching healthy relationships is central to children becoming ‘wise, compassionate citizens’ who are able to appreciate and connect, rather than argue and fight, with others, even if they disagree.  We use the ‘Lifewise’ scheme of work to teach children about respectful relationships: face to face and online friendships, staying safe in relationships with friends and adults, how to safely say no and the different family relationships that children may live within. We want every child in our school to feel accepted regardless of their ethnicity, religion, ability, family shape or any other characteristic: acceptance and kindness towards other people, even if our families, cultures and beliefs are different.

Personal Development Parent Presentation and Curriculum Overview


Lifewise Parent Carer Information and Planning

Headteacher Presentation Explaining the Changes