“I love the way you teach our children, where empathy and real life experience play a fundamental role. I am also glad that you are making them aware of environmental problems without them feeling overwhelmed but empowered to make a change. Thank you!” Year 4 Parent

Our curriculum is as rich in humanity as it is in knowledge.

Children learn through investigating authentic ‘Enquiry’ questions around ‘People, Places, Problems and Possibilities’, with the aim that what they are learning is relevant, engaging and worthwhile, that they have the chance to develop empathy and to be compassionate, and that they know how others have and they can make a difference to the world. Enquiry questions, by their nature, are questions to which there is no one ‘right’ answer but which inspire us to think more deeply about what we know and what we might discover in the future.

Click on the images below to discover more about each project and to see some of the beautiful work children have created.

Reception and Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2