• Published Results

This page gives you a summary of the attainment of our pupils at the end of key stage 2 (at age 11 years).  These are the most recent published results for the school, for the academic year ending July 2023.  

The table shows the percentage of children reaching the expected standard in National Curriculum tests and assessments in English and mathematics at the end of Year 6.

2023 Attainment

Subject St. Ebbe’s School All of England
Reading 78 73
Writing 83 71
Mathematics 88 73
Reading, writing and mathematics combined 73 60 60

2023 Progress

Subject Progress Score (average is 0)
Reading 2.4
Writing 4.2
Mathematics 2.3

2023 Average Scaled Score

Subject St. Ebbe’s School National
Reading 106 105
Mathematics 106 104

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