• Reading & Phonics

At St Ebbe’s, we are passionate about reading. We want all adults and children to love books and reading. Books introduce us to new worlds; are the key to learning; bring joy and entertainment; and help develop empathy. We are a school that inspires everyone to love reading and talking about reading via a wide range of different texts through shared and explored reading with teachers, parents and peers.

The ability to read and comprehend is the key to children’ success at secondary school and in later life. At St Ebbe’s, teachers and teaching assistants understand the importance of reading in developing children’s ability to direct their own learning and their sense of themselves as learners. We aim for every child at St Ebbe’s to become a successful reader, relentlessly pursuing success by using a rigorous and consistent approach to the teaching of reading and phonics, by ensuring reading remains a priority and by swift identification of children who need additional support via evidenced-based interventions.


Click on the photographs below to find out more about Supporting your Child at Home, our Phonics Scheme of Work and our ‘Reading Spine’ (books that we choose to enhance our Inquiry-Based Projects.


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Reading and Phonics Policy

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