Residential Visits

Children at St. Ebbe’s have three opportunities to attend a residential visit whilst they are with us. Residential visits are an important part of our offer, developing courage in staying away from home, sometimes for the first time as well as connection with staff and classmates. Our residential visits make truly magical memories for children.

Year 4 – Hill End

Children visit local residential centre Hill End for two days, including an overnight stay. They sleep in dormitories, make their own beds, have adventures in the beautiful setting, play, toast marshmallows, build shelters and eat lots of delicious food.

Hill End 2022


Year 5 Yenworthy (North Devon)

During the summer term, Year 5 go to Yenworthy Lodge for a week-long visit. Here they surf, climb, coasteer, navigate high ropes, climb waterfalls and take hill walks.

Here are a few pictures from our latest visit in May 2022.

Year 6 Woodlands (South Wales)

During the spring term of Year 6, children go to Woodlands in South Wales. Here they enjoy caving, climbing, canoeing, orienteering, raft building and archery.

Here are a few pictures from our last visit in March 2022.