• St Ebbe's School Association (SESA)


Can I donate to SESA?

Yes – you can donate here!

Who are we?

SESA is run by parent volunteers who want to help raise money for St Ebbe’s School and at the same time help make it a fun and sociable place to be a parent (and pupil) by organising events outside school hours.

What do we do?

Fundraise to buy extras for school, like Chromebooks and climbing walls. Our biggest fundraiser of the year is Ebbesfest.

Run social events for parents and children, like Quiz Night, International Evening (bring and share supper to celebrate what a diverse school we are), School Disco, and Bingo.

Organise snack sales to help raise money for individual classes.

Run stalls at school events.


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Oxford Mutual Aid at Christmas
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Can you help?

Yes, you can!!

Maybe just for half an hour at an event or more if you can spare it.  No skills needed just smiles!


Get in touch!

Contact us at sesastebbes@gmail.com


Further Information

SESA 2022 Update



Annual General Meeting Minutes


So, tell me again, how do I donate to SESA?

You can donate here!