Do animals and humans need the same things to survive?

Person: Mary Kingsley went on a journey to discover West Africa despite the expectations of her as a Victorian woman. She discovered many new species of animal, demystified the African continent and learnt survival skills from local people.

Place: West Africa

Problem: Not being expected to travel as a Victorian woman, survival in the wilderness.

Possibilities: Learning survival skills from local expertise, depicting herself as ‘proper’ in photographs. Demystification of the African continent and its people.


A courageous and curious person, Mary Kingsley longed to find a connection with the world around her. She lived around 160 years ago, in a time when there were no computers, tablets or phones. It was a very different world. As a Victorian woman, she was expected to stay at home, but she left to explore West Africa, learning from local people about how to survive and discovering many new species on her adventure.
Our quest is to learn more about species of animals discovered by Mary Kingsley and other explorers, to help Sir David Attenborough work out what the new species are and learn all about them. We will learn about animal groups and then decide which animal we would like to help raise money for at the end of our project.

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