What does a planet need to support life?

‘Person’: 6 aliens with different adaptations to different habitats

Place: Earth/Our Solar System/A New Solar System

Problem: Humans not looking after our planet

Possibilities: Sustainable living, the future of space travel


One morning, the children receive a message from aliens who have crash landed on Earth. What do they want? What are they? What do they look like? Children decode their messages to find out that our alien friends are lost and are looking for places to live. Children become the role of the field biologist, researching plants, animals and habitats around the world to best match each of the adaptations of our new alien friends. We discover the natural world around us and recommend places for the aliens to go.  

After the half term we receive another message. The aliens are not happy. Our planet is far too busy and we have damaged parts of it that we need to support life. We go on a voyage of imagination and real-life space discovery to find a new planet, ideal for our alien friends to live on.

Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Organiser_What does a planet need to support life

Trips out/Visitors In 

The children find out more about how animals are adapted to living with humans through our trip to Farmer Gow’s. They learn all about being responsible for animals, thinking about what makes them different and the same as us.  

Learning Exhibition 

Having created a new planet, the children now travel to the future. In the role of a ‘space tourist guide’, the children take their visitors on a trip to a space expo to tell them all about their new creations; a new planet with habitats rich enough to support life.