What is the best way to lead?

People  Place  Problem  Possibilities 
Eware the Great – Oba   Ancient Benin (Edo)  A breakdown of relationship with European trade partners leading to the destruction of his city  Exploration of different leadership styles which result in successful civilisations and organisations


Synopsis (150-200 words) 

The project will start with a discussion on, ‘What is the best way to lead?’ The children will then learn about the ancient kingdom on Benin (in modern day Nigeria) and how the Oba (ruler) led as well as the British invasion in 1897 which led to the destruction of the Oba’s kingdom. The children will have the chance to think about trade, statues and empires critically.  

The project will then move to the history of government in the UK. The children will discuss democracy, parliament, elections and how laws a made. Through discussion, children will begin to think about what they think matters most when leading a country.  

The children will hear from local leaders giving their views on leadership and use these to form their own opinions about different types of leadership. 

The project will end with the children forming political parties. They will decide on what matters most within their party, work out budgets and taxes, and create their own manifestos. Each party will then create a party political broadcast for those in the school to watch and vote on.  

Knowledge Organiser

Knowledge Organiser_What is the best way to lead

Trips out/Visitors In 

Pete Wilkinson – a leader within St Ebbe’s Church 

Anneliese Dodds – MP of the area 

Tina Farr – headteacher 

Captain of a sports team 

Trip to Pitt Rivers Museum to take part in their Africa and Benin workshop 


Learning Exhibition 

Party political broadcasts filmed and sent to classes and parents.