What is worth striving for?

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Julius Caesar Rome and Roman Empire  Declared himself dictator and ended up being murdered Different ways to lead and bring people along with you 



The project will start with an investigation into the death of Julius Caesar, considering the impact of his rule, especially in declaring himself a dictator for life when a dictatorship was only meant to last 6 months. This ultimately resulted in his murder. We will consider the aspirations of the Roman leaders and senate between 49-44BCE and the lives of the people under British Roman occupation 44-83BC. This project delves into why some human beings want to compete and win, why they strive for more power over others and what the consequences might be. We explore the innate need we have to connect as human beings and why this might get overridden by this quest for power and wealth, asking what makes us happy.

We also study Boudicca and the courage she showed as a female leader in leading the uprising against occupying Roman forces, linking this to other female leaders studied during a child’s time at St. Ebbe’s.

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Year 5 What is Worth Striving For

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